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RAW Black

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RAW Black

RAW Black Rolling papers 

These are considered one out of the best rolling papers commercially available, and as per our analysis, its a really good rolling paper! 

We actively use this paper and recommend its use with our entire filter range. 

Inherently and unfortunately India 🇮🇳  has been exposed to a lot of 'cheap', 'low quality' rolling paper which has sabotaged the offline market and tainted peoples perception of brands! 
The international brands such as Raw's are available for ridiculous prices offline, therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure ONLY TOP Quality products are sold and delivered via Rolling Filters, our analysis is not based just on what is trending but we work with various labs across Europe in order to confirm and clarify each brands product! It's also a reason you will not find the other Raw products on our website, or the so called 'Made In India' brands which are just Cheap Chinese imports! (We don't mean to hate, we just prefer quality!) 
We ensure our purchases are from an HBI approved vendors, and have had zero rejections for quality of this paper. 

You can trust, Rolling Filters is committed to only selling the absolute best products, and providing intricate knowledge on each product along with unmatched customer service, don't believe us?
Just click on the the Whatsapp's logo and get in touch with the Founder!!  
Our aim with Rolling papers is to educate and guide our customers towards the best products, and give them an assortment to choose from. 

Raw Black 

-> Unbleached, 100% Wood pulp with 0% Ash content (This means no fillers!) 

-> Less than 13GSM 

-> Slow Even Burning 

-> Watermarked in Original Raw design 

-> Rolling Filter Recommended

-> 33 leaves 

-> Natural Arabic Gum line for perfect sealing 




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