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A cleaner, more pleasurable smoking experience is here.

  • Engineered to act as sponges that trap contaminants and nicotine but leave your medicine untouched
  • Creates a purer toke while reducing heat
  • Better for your lungs, since the activated carbon binds with tar and acts as additional filtration
  • Overall results in a more elevating experience than any traditional roach 
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Rolling Filters India

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the toking world  – aggressive ads, gimmicks galore, and a perennial lack of substance. We get it – it’s a big marketplace, there’s gonna be lots of noise. 

But we’re not participating in the madness. We’re not hard-selling, we’re not making memes everyday so you’ll remember us, and we’re not sending people paper if they tag us. We spent that time finding, importing, researching, and creating whatever it takes to get the cleanest toke possible. From the finest purveyors in Europe for activated charcoal and alfalfa to the highest quality local papers mills and manufacturers – we’re on it. 

That’s why we’re the people sought out by the discerning smoker, the keen proponent, the enthusiast. The people who aspire to more. We’re the people who care. 

We’re building an elevated ecosystem – come get high with us. 

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